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About Us

The Newcomer Welcome Centre (NWC) registers newly arrived students throughout the year; the busiest months being August and September. Students who must register at NWC include:

  • Students born outside of Canada, including those for whom English is the language of the home.
  • Students who were born outside Vancouver who speak English as an additional language.

NB: From late June to late August, English as a first language students who were born in Canada also register at NWC. During the rest of the year, these students go directly to their Neighbourhood Schools to register.

NWC staff check birth certificates and/or citizenship papers, immigration documents, health records, report cards, and proof of residence as part of the registration procedure.

Once registration is completed, NWC staff will process the file and prepare to send the information to the home or placement school. If English is not the language of the home, it is likely that an assessment of the student will have to be done. An appointment is made and the student returns to NWC for assessment in reading, writing and mathematics. The completed file and the assessment results are sent directly to the home/placement school.

The NWC staff work cooperatively with school personnel and other district staff to ensure that students who register at the NWC are placed promptly in schools and receive the most appropriate educational services possible.

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