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Online Registration

During the period of our office only opens to the public by appointment due to COVID-19 precautionary measures, you can register your child online for 2020-2021 school year if you and your child are currently residing in Vancouver. 


For documents which are not in English/French,  please have them translated in English by a certified translator.

Please do not fax or mail in your registration package. 


Download the Form Package [You need an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your computer]

a. Please download the NWC Online Student registration forms package & VCH Immunization    Form and save them on your desktop. 

b. Please open the saved files with the Adobe Acrobat Program, not with a PDF Browser. Chromebook users have to use an app extension called DocHub in Google Docs. This is to ensure that you are able to sign the application form digitally.  


Complete the Form [This is a fillable form, DO NOT print it out and complete it by hand]

a. In total, there are 9 pages in the registration package:

- Page 1: The Newcomer Welcome Centre cover sheet 

 - Page 2: The sheet headed “Please complete the following” 

 - Page 3: and 4: The student application form  

 - Page 5: The parent declaration form 

 - Page 6: The parents declaration form [Chinese Translation]                                                  

 - Page 7: The Vancouver School Board Settlement Workers in Schools form. 

 - Page 8: The consent form.                                                                                                            

 - Page 9: Vancouver Coastal Health Immunization (Vaccination) Information For School.

b. Please make sure that you have checked the box for starting school now or for September.    

c. Some areas of the application form may not apply to your situation, please leave them blank.


Sign the Form

a. Please digitally or electronically sign the application form.

b. Please make sure that all applicable pages are signed.


Save the Form 

a. Please make sure that you save registration package to your computer with file name [LEGAL LAST NAME, LEGAL FIRST NAME]. For example, if your child’s name is Baoxiang Chen, but he likes to be called “Joseph,” call the file CHEN, BAOXIANG.

b. Please make sure that you use this same formatted name on your email’s subject area when you email it.


Scan and Attach Documents 

a. Proof of residence in the City of Vancouver (The latest property tax statement or a long-term tenancy agreement or recent purchasing agreement with the deposit receipt AND any current bills like utility/phone/cable/car insurance/driver license.

b. Original child’s birth certificate (provide also an English translated version), ideally showing names of both parents.

c. Proof of status in Canada (For both parents and child, please submit one of the categories):

i. Confirmation of permanent residence and passport or permanent resident card 

ii. Work permit and passport 

iii. Study permit and passport 

iv. Refugee claimant document 

v. Diplomatic card or passport (with an official appointment letter if not a card) 

vi. Canadian passport or citizenship card/certificate 

vii. Aboriginal status card 

viii. If your immigration status is not determined, or precarious, please phone the NWC. 604 713 5877. We will have a case worker contact you in your language if possible. 

d. Immunization records if available (DO NOT need to translate)

e. Child’s most recent previous report cards for K-9 students, or all report cards from grade 10 to present  (age 15 to present)

f. Any relevant documents related to custody or guardianship, consent or court orders

Please Note: All pictures or scans must be of reasonably high quality, not upside down, and clear. Illegible documents will have to be replaced and will slow your registration process. Clearly name all scanned or pictured documents saved files with an obvious file name like “birth certificate”.


Email Application Package

a. Email the completed registration package (remember to sign please) and all documents in a SINGLE email to for each student.

b. In the subject of the email, please write “Registration [LEGAL LAST NAME, LEGAL FIRST NAME]”  For example “Registration Chen, Baoxiang”

Important Note:

A registrar will email you back to confirm that your registration package has been accepted, or needs additional information. Once your child’s application is completed, your child’s name will be placed, or temporarily reserved, on a waiting list for your catchment school. However, your child’s spot on a waiting list at the catchment school will only be confirmed when our registrar contacts you and make an appointment to bring your child and original documents to the NWC.  If you are unable to do so, your child’s spot will be lost.  Please remember, you may only register a child who is currently residing in Vancouver. Do not register any children who do not currently live in Vancouver. 

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