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Required Documents

Please note that our regular registration procedure has moved online

In order to expedite the registration process, all required documents are needed to ensure the student’s application is complete and, most importantly, to ensure the school has the basic information it needs to maximize the health and security of the student.

The parent or legal guardian and student must be currently residing in Vancouver, BC when submitting the registration package.  

For documents which are not in English/French,  please have them translated in English by a certified translator.

1. Proof of Residence in City of Vancouver:  

  • For Home Owners: please have a recent property tax statement or a purchased agreement (with subject removal and a deposit receipt) if you just bought a new home, and a recent bill.
  • For Tenant(s): please provide current long-term rental or lease agreement,  and a recent bill. Please print and complete the Tenancy Agreement Form if your landlord does not provide one.
  • *Note: Schools experiencing enrollment pressure will request additional identification as proof of residency

2. Child’s Original Birth Certificate and English translated version ( ideally showing parents’ names.                              

3. Proof of Status in Canada (both parents and child(ren))

  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document (Landing Paper) and Passport(s) and Permanent Residence Card(s) if available
  • Work Permit and Passport(s)--with parent(s)' minimum of one year employment letter
  • Study Permit and Passport(s)--with parent(s)' enrolling in  a full-time degree or diploma program--please bring admission letter and payment receipt. Please visit here for specific criteria.
  • Refugee Claimant Document
  • Diplomatic Card or Passport(s)
  • Canadian Passport or Citizenship Card or Certificate
  • Aboriginal Status Identification Card
  • Any other relevant immigration document.

4. Immunization Records (if available, no need to translate) and other important health                information (e.g. medical alerts). 

5. Child’s Previous School Report Cards in English

  • Elementary - Most recent year of report card
  • Secondary - All report cards from Grade 7 (age 13 to present)
  • Any Individual Education Plan (IEP), Psycho-Education Reports, or Medical Reports

6. Any other relevant documentation like a Court Order involving Guardianship, Divorce, Separation, or a Parent Consent Letter from the second parent who currently does not reside with the student.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that for a student with Special Educational Needs, the processing time may be longer.  

If English is not the primary language at home, it is likely that the student will return for an assessment.  Our registrar will contact you to make an appointment to return to NWC for an assessment in reading, writing and mathematics.  The completed file and the assessment results will be sent directly to the catchment/placement school.

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