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About Us

The Multicultural Liaison Workers is an integral part of the over all ELL support services under the Newcomer Welcome Centre of the Vancouver Board of Education.

MCLWs serve cultural and linguistic groups district wide, in "bridging" the communication gap for and between students, families, and schools.

They are professionally trained and have experience with issues related to cultural integration and cross cultural communication. They are very familiar with the public school system in Vancouver

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Background Information:

  • The MCLWs was introduced into the VSB system over three decades ago, dedicated to support Vancouver’s ethnic communities.
  • It started in 1977 when the first five Multicultural Liaison Workers (MCLWs) began their work in the Vancouver public schools, thanks to the Canada Works Grant.
  • By September 1978, funds had been raised to hire 13 additional MCLWs. 
  • By 2015, there were 25 full-time and part-time MCLWs.
  • Currently there are 23 full-time and part-time MCLWs.
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