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Career Education 8


The prerequisites for this course in the completion of Grade 7.

Course Description

Career Education 8 is a course that will take most students between 35 to 40 hours to complete.  Some assignments will take longer than others and, of course, if you find an assignment to be engaging, you may want to spend more time exploring that topic in depth.  There will be assignments, quizzes, and projects to work on. There is no final exam but there will be a final quiz which will have you reflecting on what you’ve learned in the course and an opportunity for you to provide feedback to your teacher about the course.

 Ultimately, this course is designed to help you think about your strengths, preferences, and skills and how to develop and use these aspects in planning for your future life and career plan.

The Big Ideas Covered in this course include:

-reflecting on our preferences and skills helps us identify the steps we need to take to achieve our career goals

-the value of work in our lives, communities, and society can be viewed from diverse perspectives

-achieving our learning goals requires effort and perseverance

 Course Topics/Modules

3 Modules


Assignments and final reflection quiz


None outside resources needed

Curricular Competencies

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