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Child Development and Caregiving 12

Social Studies 10

Course Description
Big Idea:  Child Development and Caregiving 12 is an Applied Design, Skills, and Technology course.  To that end, the focus of the course will be on applying the information you learn in addition to analyzing and thinking more deeply about it.

Students will learn:

  • Service design opportunities that include child development and caregiving
  • Legal rights and responsibilities of caregivers, including ensuring children’s welfare and safety
  • Pregnancy, including health practices for conception and during pregnancy, prenatal development, and methods of childbirth and delivery
  • Theories of child development, including cultural influences, and how and why theories change over time
  • Stages of child development from birth to age twelve, including cognitive, social, physical, and emotional development, as well as language and speech
  • Role of play in human development and learning
  • Nutritional needs and feeding practices for children of various ages, including external influences on these practices
  • Theories of caregiving styles and impacts on child development
  • Childcare options locally and internationally, influences on these options, and community resources that offer services to children and caregivers
  • Service strategies for children and families

Cultural sensitivity and etiquette, including ethics of cultural appropriation

Course Topics/Modules
Course units are divided into:

1.    Pregnancy and Childbirth 2.    Theories of Child Development 3.    Stages of Development 4.    Caregiving Styles 5.    Legal Rights and Obligations 6.    Child Care Options and Programming

Your grade for this course will be calculated as follows:  

StartUp Assignment: 5% Six Learning Guides: 12% Six Inquiry/Final Projects: 54% Midterm Exam: 14% (must pass to complete the course) Final Exam: 15% (must pass to complete the course)

Curricular Competencies

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