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Computer Programming 12

Prerequisites Programming 11

Course Description

This course is a follow up to the Programming 11 course.  It will begin where programming 11 left off.  It continues to use Java as the language of development and Intelij IDE.  It is designed to help prepare students for pursuing an education in computer science.  Once this course is completed, they should have good fundamental knowledge that will translate to all programming languages.  If students wish to take the class who comes from a different background than Java it is recommended to learn basics of the language before enrolling.  This course assumes you have the following knowledge in Java:

How expressions evaluate
Conditional Statements
Test base code
String manipulation
Reading and Writing to text files
Basics of JavaFX(GUI)

Course Topics/Modules 

Module 1: More on Classes -> Inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, enumerations, proper documentation
Module 2:Java Collections -> Lists, Sets and Maps
Module 3: Algorithms -> Recursion, Breadth First Search, Sorting, 2d Arrays
Module 4: Data Persistance -> Exception Handling, External Libraries, Handling Files, Simple Databases
Module 5: GUI’s -> Using JavaFX and scenebuilder
Capstone Project -> A final project utilizing all the skills learned to build a useful Java application.


This course will be project based and all the assessment will be based on programs you right.  There are no tests or exams.

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