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Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11

Grade 10

Course Description
Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11 will have you refining your understanding of the links between personal development and your career decisions.  You will cover:

Unit 1: Methods of Communication

•          the different forms of communication, and the variety of ways we use communication.

Unit 2: Understanding Relationships

•          the many types of relationships, and how to build and maintain successful relationships.

Unit 3: Marriage and Commitment Customs

•          how marriage varies from culture to culture/person to person, and how it can evolve over time.

Unit 4: Wellness and Safety in Relationships

•          be introduced to healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to differentiate between the two.

Unit 5: Putting It Together

•          course inquiry project

Further concepts covered include:

•          how connections you make with other people influence and support you;

•          how to keep yourself safe online;

•          roles and responsibilities as a young worker, and how to conduct yourself on the job;

•          exploring different career options that match your interests, skills, and motivations;

•          what courses you will need to lead you into post-secondary training, certification, or direct path to employment; and

•          how to interview and prepare for a job.

  5% StartUp Assignment

25% Learning Guides and Journals

25% Putting It Together Inquiry Project

20% Midterm Exam

25% Final Exam

All Resources can be found online

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