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Psychology 11


Course Description
The study of Psychology 11 begins with what defines us as human and compares us to other existing primates and now extinct human prototypes such as Neanderthal and other hominids that existed concurrent with the beginning of modern humans. The issues of evolutionary psychology and comparative anatomy in relation to the evolving brain and its behaviors are discussed. Inherent are the factors defining other primates and hominids from us. There is latitude here to allow for discussion of the opposing view of the Genesis theory if the situation arises. The focus, though, is on Evolutionary Theory and Darwinism as neuroanatomy points to evolving bodies and brains reflecting biological determinum. Scientific journals and the internet provide numerous examples from anthropology and Evolutionary psychology of parallel evolutionary development of human species. Neuroanatomy, physiology and the central nervous system are an essential component in examining the biological foundation of human behavior.

Course Topics/Modules
Introduction & Research Methods

Positive Psychology

Development Across the Lifespan

Sleep, Dreams and Altered States of Consciousness

Theories of Personality

Psychological Disorders and Treatments

Cultural Psychology

  5% - StartUp Assignments

55% - Quizzes and Assignments

40% - Midterm & Final Exams

All resources for this course are online.

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