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Social Justice 12

The prerequisite for this course is Social Studies 10, however it is preferred that a student has completed Social Studies 11, Civics 11 or BC First Nations 12.

Course Description
There are four big ideas for Social Justice 12:  1. Social justice issues are interconnected; 2. Individual worldviews shape and inform our understanding of social justice issues; 3. The causes of social injustice are complex and have lasting impacts on society; and 4. Social justice initiatives can transform individuals and systems.

These four big ideas will be interwoven into the content you are expected to know by the end of the course.  The course is organized around key social justice issues such as gender, race, marginalized groups, poverty, and animal rights.  These will be framed by an understanding of the definitions, frameworks, and interpretations of social justice as seen through the lens of social injustices in Canada and the world affecting individuals, groups, and society.  You will also examine the role governmental and non-governmental organizations play in issues of social justice and injustice.  You will also learn about the processes, methods, and approaches individuals, groups, and institutions use to promote social justice.

Course Topics/Modules
Course units are divided into:

1.    Social Justice Lens

2.    Sexism

3.    Environmental Justice

4.    Animal Rights

5.    Racism

6.    LGBTQ+ and other "isms"

7.    Poverty

8.    Leaders and Activism   

Assessment is based on a multi-intelligence approach. There are assignments in a variety of formats and there is flexibility built into how they are to be done (check with instructor first). Your grade will be calculated as follows:

StartUp:             5%

Learning Guides: 8% (1% each)

16 Assignments:64% (4% each)

Midterm Exam:   11% (must pass to complete the course)

Final Exam:        12% (must pass to complete the course)

ALL resources are online in the Content page.  There are notes, exercises, rubrics, links, and other materials that will assist the student.

Curricular Competencies

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