Steering kids away from gangs

Engaging Parents for Safer Youth is a Vancouver School District initiated project aimed at providing information for parents about youth gangs, how children and youth may become involved in violence, and what parents can do to support their children/teens to resist involvement.

The Steering Kids Away From Gangs booklet  was created with the input of parents in Vancouver as well as consultation with many professionals working with youth in schools and in the community.

Gangs and gang violence is a concern to all of us, and each of us has a role to play in addressing the issue.

steering kids away from gangs

Steering Kids Away From Gangs booklet


Steering Kids Away From Gangs is based on the Edmonton Police Service’s resource booklet, “Who are Your Children Hangin’ with?” and was adapted to reflect the needs of parents and caregivers living in the Lower Mainland.

The Vancouver School Board’s Multicultural Liaison Workers and Settlement Workers in Schools facilitated focus group discussions with parents from various communities in Vancouver. As a result of these discussions, several versions of this booklet have been created. The booklet is also available in Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Punjabi and Spanish.

Additionally, members of the Vancouver Police Department and the BC Integrated Gang Task Force provided input and some of the content.

This project was funded by the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Victim Services & Crime Prevention Division through the Civil Crime Forfeiture and Remediation and Crime Prevention Funding Program.