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Diverse Learners & Student Services

GRADE 9                                                                                                                     XLDCD09
GRADE 10                                                                                                                   YLE- -0A
GRADE 11                                                                                                                   YLE- -1A
GRADE 12                                                                                                                   YLE- -2A
The Skills Development Centre provides the opportunity to upgrade a variety of basic skills, particularly in reading, writing and mathematics.  Study and organizational skills are included as an integral part of the program.  These skills will be developed through instruction and assignments each week.  Students will be encouraged to identify their own learning needs and develop independence as successful learners.  Referrals to the SDC are made through the Counsellor.  Skills is a credit course for Grade 10, Grade 11 and Grade 12.  
Specific Skills Taught:  Goal setting, Time management, Memory strategies, Test-taking strategies, Note-taking, Reading for understanding, Vocabulary development, Spelling, Writing process, Mathematics skills, Organization skills
Student Expectations: Regular attendance, on time, with required course materials, Use of student agenda and course activity logs to organize and keep track of school work, Responsible behaviour and produc­tive work habits.
Based on: Expectations, Assignments and Application of Skills Learned

RESOURCE ROOM                                                                                             XSIEPOH                                 STRATEGIES FOODS                                                                                         XSIEP0E
STRATEGIES BUSINESS                                                                                    XSIEP0AE                                STRATEGIES DRAMA                                                                                         XSIEP0F                     
STRATEGIES PE                                                                                                 XSIEP0G
Secondary Strategies is a program designed for students who have a significant neurologically-based learning disability which affects the consistency of their academic work.  The program offers a supportive environment for students whose needs cannot be met in a regular program with necessary adaptations.
The students work on a block sched­ule and are integrated where possible and practical. Students are provided support, where necessary and where possible, from Peer Tutoring students, a Student Support Worker and/or the Strategies teacher. Stu­dents work with the Strategies teacher for modified and/or adapted core academic subjects – English and Math.  The Strategies students may also have a resource block to support their academic integrated subjects. Strategies elective courses are small group courses taught by elective area teachers.  The elective course offerings vary from year to year but can include Physical Education, Drama, Business Education, and Home Economics.
Career Education and work experi­ence play a crucial role in the Strate­gies student's curriculum. Beginning at age 15, the knowledge, skills and attitudes for a successful work experi­ence are emphasized. This enables the students to make informed choices, upon graduation, as to college pro­grams they may want to apply for or employment areas they may want to pursue.
NOTE:  All the Strategies courses are modi­fied according to the needs of the individual student. These courses lead to a School Leaving Certificate. The courses do not lead to a Dogwood Certificate. The integrated courses will be modified or adapted as appropriate.
COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                            YCPM-1D
This course is designed to involve students in a variety of service activities in the school.  Students must apply to their Grade Counsellor for enrolment in this course which is only open to Grade 11 and 12 students.  Note that as Community Service is a credit course, hours performed for Community Service may not be counted toward service hours required for Graduation Transitions.  This course does not count toward Honor Roll.
PEER TUTORING                                                                                        YIPS-2B
Peer Tutoring is a credit course designed to give background information on learning differences and diversity in learning.   The course provides training in effective strategies for supporting other students in academic areas through tutoring.  It also provides an opportunity to learn leadership skills that will have future applications.  Students must be willing to follow criteria as outlined on the U-Hill website.  This course does count toward Honor Roll.
LIBRARY SERVICES 11                                                                                YBMO-1B
A grade 11 or 12 student with particular interest and enthusiasm in working in the Library must get prior permission from Ms. Ekdahl or Ms. Love. Only 1 student will be accepted per block.
HEALTH AND CAREER 9                                                                             MHCE-09
This course is completed through pull out sessions held by the Grade 9 counsellor.
DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 9                                                                      XDPA-09
DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 10                                                                    XDPA-10
DAILY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY 11                                                                    XDPA-11
It is a Ministry requirement that all students in all grades participate in daily physical activity (DPA).  Students in Grades 8 and 9 must complete 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.  For students in Grades 10 through 12, this requirement will form part of their Grad Transitions Program. 
GRAD TRANSITIONS                                                                                            MGT- - - -
There are four basic components to the Graduation Transition: Personal Health, Community Service, Transition Plan and Portfolio.
All students must complete all requirements of the Grad Transition to receive the four credits and it is a required that every student complete this by their Grade 12 year. Complete information is available on the UHill website ( under the "Grad Transitions" icon. 

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