Planning & Facilities

The Planning and Facilities Department is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of capital projects.  This includes construction of new schools, major renovations of existing schools as well as working with the City of Vancouver in land acquisition and development of new schools.

Planning and Facilities is also responsible for:

  • developing short and long range plans
  • preparing and submitting the annual Long Range Facilities Plan and the annual 5 year Capital Plan to the Ministry of Education
  • aligning educational programming needs with school space
  • establishing district-wide educational facilities policies
  • analyzing enrolment and development projections
  • providing school traffic and other related site planning supports

Long Range Planning

The Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP) planning process  provides a mechanism for the District to manage facilities in an effective, economic and efficient way in support of educational goals.  The LRFP places the need for capital projects in a district-wide context and becomes the basis for submission of capital project funding requests to the Ministry of Education.

Capital Project Planning

Planning and Facilities is responsible for the planning, management and administration of capital projects within the District.  These include new school construction and major renovations of existing facilities. more info

Seismic Mitigation Program

The capital projects in the provincial Seismic Mitigation Program are planned by VBE and implemented by the Vancouver Project Office.  more info.

Population, Development and Enrolment Trends

Enrolment projections are prepared under the mandate of the Director of Planning and are reviewed and updated annually.   VSB Planning staff meet regularly with the City of Vancouver Planning to discuss development.


The Ministry of Education funds school renovations, new construction and the Seismic Mitigation Program.  The heritage value of schools is one of a number of criteria considered when a major capital project for a school is planned.  In addition to the heritage component, other considerations include: the safety of the building, the life cycle costs of the building, the educational program requirements and the overall financial costs. 

Traffic Safety

VSB Planning staff work closely with the Vancouver Police Department, the City of Vancouver - Engineering, the City of Vancouver - Parking Enforcement and school communities to address traffic safety concerns around VSB schools.  To reduce traffic congestion near the school communities, families are encouraged to walk or ride bikes to school.

Planning and Facilities Contact List