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Communicating Student Learning

Dickens Annex is participating in Year 2 of the VSB Communicating Student Learning (CSL) pilot project. This means that there is a new reporting schedule that includes five required communications with parents in a school calendar year. These include the following:

1. Two formal written reports:

  • A Progress Report that will be sent home to families by the end of January
  • A Summative Report that will be sent home to families by the end of June

2. A minimum of three ongoing communication with families (timing at the teacher’s discretion)

  • These ongoing communications can occur in different ways, such as: three-way conferences, electronic portfolio reviews, parent-teacher meetings, reflections on student work, Fresh Grade or other on-line platforms, telephone conversations, interim written reports

 The Communicating Student Learning (CSL) report will include:

  • Descriptive written comments addressing student learning strengths, areas of growth, and ways to support learning
  • Student Competency Scale (In relation to Grade Level Expectations) 

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in giving feedback, setting goals, and supporting your child in their learning.

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