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Library Monitor Duties and Responsibilities

If you are the kind of person who is organized, likes to focus on details, is responsible, gets pleasure out of helping others, and isn't afraid to admit you don't understand something and are not sure what to do, then being a library monitor might be just the job for you. 

Library monitors are responsible for showing up at their scheduled time.  If you are unable to show up for some reason you need to find someone to substitute for you, except if you are at home sick.

 You are responsible for helping to keep the library a safe, welcoming place where people can come to work or just find a quiet place. 

Working in the library involves many different tasks.  Some of them are mentioned below.  

Assistant Librarians


We had a few people take on this job last year. While all library jobs are important, this position requires dedicated responsible individuals who don't need reminders to show up to work. 

Your job will be to collect a group of primary students from their classroom, bring them to the library, help them find and check out books and make sure they get back to their rooms safe and sound. 

Circulation Desk 

To Check Out Books

  • Scan Card 
  • Scan barcode(s) in top left corner of book(s) 
  • If the student has an overdue book(s) do not sign out the book ask if it is at school and if so, ask them to get the book and renew or return it, or 
  • call the teacher-librarian 

To Check In Books

  • hear the beep and ensure each title shows on the screen 
  • put book(s) on Shelving Cart in the correct place
  • Stay at the circulation desk and wait for people to come to sign out books. If you wish, you may assist by doing other library duties but your main responsibility is to Check In and Check Out books so keep an eye on the desk. You may be asked to assist a student, e.g., to find a book. 

Shelving and Tidying Shelves 

  • Arrange books on the shelving cart according to type (see stickers or spine label on spine): E for picture books, F for novels, Graphic Novels go in the graphic spinner, Non-Fiction have numbers. 
  • Put books that are on the shelving cart away in the correct section of the library. If you are unsure of where the books go, ask the teacher-librarian.  Do not shelve books unless you are sure you know where they go.  It is a HUGE job to track down misshelved books!
  • Shelf Reading involves reading the barcodes on shelved to see if there are any books in the wrong place. 
  • Tidying shelves involves shelving books that have been looked at and left lying on the end of the shelf as well as making sure that books are in the correct section.

Other Duties

Morning, Break, Lunch, After School:

  • arrange the chairs - one chair under each computer, chairs under the tables. 
  • tidy magazine display and ensure the magazines are in order with the back issues put away
  • organize graphic novels keeping series together 
  • check  paperback spinners and paperback picture books to ensure books are in the correct section


Morning - also include

  • take down chairs
  • open the curtains
  • turn on checkout computer 

After School - also include: 

  • close the curtains 
  • shut down all computers unless someone is using the computer 
  • check to see if plants need water

Help With Research Groups

When students are working in the library you may be asked to help them to

  • find information on their research topic
  • use the school computers
  • find and categorize information
  • edit written drafts
  • type work into computer
  • scan pictures
  • use presentation software
  • rehearse presentations

Processing New Books

  • stamping new books 
  • scanning the ISBN numbers
  • putting on labels
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