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Our Staff

Principal - Ms. L. Prodan

Vice-Principal - Mr. C. Wee

Office Admin Assistant - TBD

Office Admin Assistant - Ms. R. Unruh

Division One - Ms. H. Allison

Division Two - Ms. S. Belecos-Shaw 

Division Three - Mr. A. Graham / Ms. K. Young 

Division Four - Ms. D. Cantor

Division Five -Ms. J. Fischer

Division Six - Mr. M. Leff

Division Seven - Ms. A. Gregson / Ms. S. Buckley

Division Eight - Ms. C. Laudon

Division Nine - Ms. K. Kent

Division Ten - Ms. K. Au

Division Eleven - Ms. M. Cieslik

Division Twelve - Ms. J. Batsoulas

Division Thirteen - Ms. H. Kimmick

Division Fourteen - Ms. M. Conklin

Division Fifteen - Ms. S. Tuytel

Division Sixteen - Ms. O. Hughes

Division Seventeen - Ms. W. Liu

Division Eighteen - Ms. H. Ip

Division Nineteen - Ms. J. Lee

Division Twenty - Ms. S. Chung

Resource - Mr. N. Blanchard

Resource - Mr. A. Da Silva

Resource - Ms. K. Kernohan

Resource - Mr. T. Mills

Teacher Librarian/Resource - Mr. G. Robidoux

Area Counsellor - Ms. A. Norris

PE Prep - Mr. M. Woo

Speech Language Pathologist -Ms. S. Skosky

Indigenous Support - Ms. K. Kondra

Youth and Family Worker - Ms. J. Elsayed

School & Student Support Workers:

                Ms. M. Acs

                Ms. C. Hussel

                M. A. Johnson

                Ms. C. Karleen

                Ms. D. Keohane

                Mr. M. Klunder

                 Mr. P. Knight

                 Ms. M. Pattinson

                 Ms. R. Van Vliet

                 Ms. V. Veljkovic

                Mr. R. Yu

                Ms. L. Zhong

Supervision Aides:

                  Ms. P. Li

                   Ms. S. Wong



Building Engineer -  Mr. R. Cajiuat

                                          Mr. J.  Adan

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