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Our Staff

Principal - Ms. Lori Prodan

Vice-Principal - Mr. Ian Judson

Office Admin Assistant - Ms. Lauren Dorer

Office Admin Assistant - Ms. Cathy Aguire

Division One - Ms. H. Allison

Division Two - Ms. S. Belecos-Shaw 

Division Three - Ms. H. Zahid / Ms. K. Young 

Division Four - J. Fischer

Division Five - Mr. R. Craigie

Division Six - Ms. C. Laudon

Division Seven - Ms. K. Kent

Division Eight - Ms. D. Cantor

Division Nine - Mr. M. Leff

Division Ten - Ms. K. Au

Division Eleven - Ms. M. Conklin

Division Twelve - Mr. G. Robidoux

Division Thirteen - Ms. H. Kimmick

Division Fourteen - Ms. M. Moody / Ms. S. Buckley

Division Fifteen - Ms. J. Batsoulas

Division Sixteen - Ms. J. Lee

Division Seventeen - Ms. O. Hughes

Division Eighteen - Ms. W. Liu

Division Nineteen - Ms. H. Ip

Division Twenty - Ms. T. Moghaddam

Division Twenty One - Ms. S. Chung

Resource - Mr. N. Blanchard

Resource - Mr. A. Da Silva

Resource - Ms. K. Kernohan

Resource - Mr. T. Mills (Skipper)

Resource - Ms. K. Noel-Bentley

Resource - Ms. T. Ogura (Literacy Enhancement)

Teacher Librarian/Resource - TBD

Area Counsellor - Ms. A. Newton

PE Prep - Mr. M. Campese

Speech Language Pathologist -Ms. D. Malone

Indigenous Support - Ms. K. Kondra

Youth and Family Worker - Ms. J. Elsayed

School & Student Support Workers:

                Ms. M. Acs

                Ms. C. Hussel

                M. A. Johnson

                Ms. C. Karleen

                Ms. N. Katre

                Ms. D. Keohane

                Ms. P. Li

                Ms. C. Myer

                Ms. M. Pattinson

                Ms. A Pereziotti

                Ms. G. Thomason

                 Ms. R. Van Vliet

                 Ms. V. Veljkovic

                Ms. J. Zaleski

                Ms. L. Zhong

Supervision Aides:

                  Ms. Colleen 

                  Ms. Emily 

                  Ms. Yuki

                  Ms. Susan


Building Engineer -  Mr. R. Cajiuat

                                 Mr. J.  Adan

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