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About Us

MacCorkindale is proud to be a neighbourhood school serving the community and its families for over 40 years. 

Dr. H.N. MacCorkindale Elementary was constructed in 1967 as the first Open Area school in British Columbia using the guiding principle of collaborative team teaching, which means that three to four staff work in close proximity in a given Area sharing space, curricular resources and students. The school is named after Dr. Hugh Neil MacCorkindale, Superintendent of Schools from 1933 to 1954.

MacCorkindale has three Open Areas (A, B, and C - Area D was closed in 2013) with it's built in resource centres, a Library, Gym, music/band room, as well as an enclosed Kindergarten room. In 2011, Area C was renovated for 21st Century learning. The school is equipped with computers and mobile devices, such as iPads, for student use to access the Internet and work towards problem and project based learning. There are two beautifully landscaped enclosed courtyards, spacious grounds offering open fields, and a variety of recently renovated adventure playground equipment.

The school has approximately 25 teaching and support staff serving almost 200 students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

The students reflect the multi-ethnic nature of the community with almost ten different languages spoken at the school.

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