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Cavell is back -- first day May 08, 2023

First Day Back

IMG_5304-1.jpgWelcome Back!  What a very special day for the Cavell Community – Monday, May 08 – first day back for students at the Cavell site!! 

WE DID IT, we moved the school back – after 60 VSB truck loads, 5000 boxes, long hours and late nights of packing and sorting, we are back!! 

Peter Marshall says that: 

“When we long for a life without difficulties, we are reminded that oak trees grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.” 

The Cavell staff are like diamonds and oak trees! 

We have spent hours packing and then spent hours unpacking, and organized spaces as best we could with the very short turn-around time. Thursday at Maple Grove and Friday at the Cavell site. Thank you to all for helping us navigate these interesting times.

MOVING - A task that seemed overwhelming and impossible, and now it is done! 


A heartfelt thank you to so many people that helped Cavell along this journey. I want to acknowledge the amazing Cavell Team, their passion, teamwork, stamina, sense of responsibility and perseverance were inspirational. As Newt Gingrich puts it: “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did”. 

What a Team!!


We thank and acknowledge:

All the parent volunteers and PAC. 

All the different VSB departments, Grounds, Maintenance, IT, Operations, Project Office, Arthur Mak, Lori Thomsen, Byron Chinnack and the moving Team led by Jake, Anthony Kwon, Oscar Miflores and Gilbert Francisco.  We thank you all for preparing the school for us and for all your patience throughout this moving experience. 

Our Engineering Teams at the Maple Grove site and now here at the Cavell site – you ROCK! 

And of course, our students!! – YOU were awesome through all of this!


We had our farewell and Appreciation Assembly on the Maple Grove site before we left.  We feel grateful for having been housed in a large, bright school on a lovely site surrounded by beautiful trees.  Our neighbours were great.  We also said thank you and goodbye to Lynch Bus Lines who drove us back and forth 500 times! 

We like the new, bright, “fresh” interior of our seismically upgraded building and all our fabulous new furniture. The library looks amazing, and we thank Wendy Cameron, retired librarian for all her hard work! 

A lot of work has taken place by the various VSB departments.  They are in the process of completing multiple tasks, some were finished for Opening Day, and some will continue over the coming months and into the Fall.  The grounds around the Cavell buildings will take time to be completed and the landscaping projects will start later, it will be a multi-phased project.  Exterior painting (including the flagpole) will also continue over an extended period and some tasks will take place during the summer.  Everyone’s patience is appreciated.

We love being back at our Cavell site and in the Cavell neighbourhood. 


With respect and gratitude.

Marietté Smith




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