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About Us

Cavell Front entrance.jpgWelcome to Cavell Elementary!

Edith Cavell Elementary has more than 300 students in Kindergarten to Grade Seven. The school is located in a diverse yet stable neighbourhood in the Douglas Park Area. The school was named "Edith Cavell Elementary" after a British nurse and heroine named Edith Louisa Cavell. Our school is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school community.  

The motto of our school is 'Cavell Cares'

      -  Take care of yourself

      -  Take care of others

      -  Take care of this place

Cavell students, staff and parents work together each year to create a rich, positive learning environment for all.  Staff and parents work as active partners within our school with a particular focus on increasing opportunities for our students.  

Better Together!

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