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Year-End Letter from Minister Whiteside

Dear Students, Parents, and Caregivers: 

As we approach summer break, I want to express my heartfelt congratulations for your many accomplishments this year. 

Since the return from spring break, I hope you have found joy, belonging, and accomplishment in your school community. I heard from many who were excited about the return to in-person events, such as concerts, science fairs, field trips and the BC School Sports Championships that were hosted with fans in the stands, safely, this year. 

Now, with summer in our sights, it is time to relax and recharge, do the things you love, and spend time with the people who bring you joy. Whether you are preparing to move on to a new grade in September, or transitioning to middle or secondary school, know that the challenges you have faced with courage, grace, and compassion have helped shape you for what is ahead. 

To the graduating class of 2022, you are taking exciting steps toward your new chapter. No matter where life takes you, I encourage every graduate to keep learning, to keep asking questions, and to never settle for the status quo when you know things can be better. Follow your conscience, follow your passions, with an open heart and an open mind, and you will live full and rewarding lives. 

We live in a province full of opportunity, and those in the graduating class of 2022 have become educated citizens who are thoughtful, creative, and capable. You are prepared for your next steps in life, and the future is yours for the taking. 

As you look forward to what is to come, this is a time to celebrate. 

On behalf of the Government of British Columbia, I wish you all a full and fun-filled summer, with time to refresh and prepare for an exciting school year in 2022/23. 


Jennifer Whiteside 


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