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Before and After School Care

The Before and After School Care (BAC) program is a licensed out-of-school program that provides an ideal environment for children to come out of their shell and grow with their peers. The program is based out of Florence Nightingale Elementary School and is run by a team of caring, enthusiastic, multicultural, experienced and qualified group of individuals from Mount Pleasant Neighborhood House. The program leaders aspire to create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere with an ever-changing repertoire of age-appropriate activities and crafts to keep the children involved and engaged. Some examples of activities include outdoor scavenger hunts, sports, puzzles, interior decoration of the child care space, and occasional outings like swimming and hiking. Our program caters to two different age groups: Kindergarten to Grade 1, and Grade 2 to Grade 6.  If you require any additional information, you may contact Melanie Nguyen at

 To submit an application, click on the link below:

BAC | Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

*Fees include transportation *There is a non-refundable $5 application fee required for new applicants when submitting this form. *After confirmation of space, you will be contacted to pay a one-time, non-refundable $50 registration fee and a registration package will follow *Completion of the registration package is mandatory before your child may start the program. *10 Post dated cheques or ...

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