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Parent Advisory Council

Welcome to Strathcona Elementary Parent Advisory Council! 

All parents/guardians at the school are members of the PAC and we invite you to come to meetings where we discuss ways to improve our school through volunteering, community building, advocacy and fundraising.

Meetings are held in-person and/or zoom, and food and childcare are provided for some meetings.

Upcoming Meetings:

November 30th, 9:15 am - in person

 Nov 30/23 PAC Mtg Agenda

Nov 30/23 Mtg Minutes 

February 7, 2024, 7pm-  zoom

Feb 7/24 PAC Mtg Agenda

Feb7/24 Mtg. Minutes

April 17th, 6:30pm School Travel Planning Virtual Walk

May 23rd, 9:15 am - in person

Chair: Marina Gardiner
Vice Chair: Danielle Sherring

Secretary: Kate King
Treasurer: Dawn Brennan 
Members At Large: 

  • Carla Frenkel
  • Cinzia Jeffries
  • Ryan Murphy 
  • Krista Sigurdson 
  • Tia McDermott - Indingenous Parent Representative


General contact:

We also have committees working on different issues that would love your involvement!

You can find our constitution here: Strathcona PAC constitution

Please subscribe to the PAC Listserve so that you can get information on important PAC events and issues.FB.jpeg

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