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Our Staff

Staff List 2022-2023

Principal ~ Mrs. Paget

Office Administrative Assistants ~ Mrs. Chang (M- W), Mrs. Breen (Th - Fri)

Classroom Teachers

Ms. MacDonald             Division 1, Grade 7

Ms. Marr                           Division 2, Grade 7

Ms. Choi                           Division 3, Grade 6

Ms. Klich                          Division 4, Grade 6

Ms. Spicer                       Division 5, Grade 5

Ms. Miller                         Division 6, Grade 4/5

Ms. Johnston                 Division7, Grade 3/4

Ms. Pomponio               Division 8, Grade 3

Ms. Whitehead              Division 9, Grade 3

Ms. Seto                           Division 10, Grade 1/2

Ms. Campbell                Division 11, Grade 1/2

Ms. Rattanaraj               Division 12, Kindergarten

Mr. Crisp                          Division 13, Kindergarten


Non-Enrolling Staff

Mr. Dykstra                   Teacher Librarian/Prep

Ms. Gauthier                 Resource Teacher (M, W, Fri)

Ms. Hermanson           Resource Teacher (T - Fri)

Ms. Walsh                       Resource Teacher 

Ms. Anderson                Prep (T)

Ms. Steele                       Prep (W, Th)

Ms. Allen                         Area Counsellor (W & Fri)

Mr. Fornerev                 Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) (M)

Mr. Etter                          Student Support Worker

Ms. Reynolds                Student Support Worker

Ms. Gaylie                       Supervision Aide

Ms. Lo                               Supervision Aide

Mr. Eng                             Building Engineer

Ms. Del Rosario            Assistant Building Engineer, pm 


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