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Our Staff

Principal:Meaghan Gomes
Vice Principal:Stacey Sveistrup
Administrative Assistant: Mimi Chambers
Div 1  Mme Elizabeth
Grade 3 Teacher

Div 2 Mme Chantal (Monday-Thursday)
Mme Christina (Friday)
Grade 3 Teachers

Div 3 Mme Anna Grade 2 Teacher
Div 4Mme Susan (Mon-Wed/Fri)
Mme Christina (Thursday)
Grade 2 Teachers

Div 5Mme Nadja Osikowicz Grade 1 Teacher
Div 6 Mme Emily Grade 1 Teacher
Div 7Mme Ashley Kindergarten Teacher
Div 8Mme Louise  Kindergarten Teacher

Resource Teachers:Mme Nicole 

Librarian:Mme Stacey
Music/Movement Teacher: Mme Christina 
Supervision Aides: Mme Jatinder
Mme Aman 

Student Support Workers:Mme Cecilia 
Mme Lida

Area Counsellor:Mme Jane 
Speech Language Pathologist: Mme Lisa 
Psychologist: M. James 
Building Engineer: M. Nito


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