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Parent Advisory Council

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The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is the officially recognized collective voice of parents in all public schools in British Columbia, including Grenfell. The School Act gives parents the right, through PAC, to assume an advisory role.

A PAC, through annually elected officers, may advise:

  • The Principal and school staff in matters relating to the school
  • The School Planning Council in carrying out its functions. At Grenfell, the School Planning Council is comprised of members of the PAC Executive.

PAC meetings are the forum in which parents and the school are able to discuss matters effecting the school and the education of your children. These forums offer the opportunity for:

  • Grenfell Elementary administrators, teachers and invited guests,to educate and inform parents about our school, the school district and its policies, the challenges that face all public schools, and how we can best work together to support the children in our school
  • You, the parents, to provide advice to the Principal/Vice Principal, and to openly express concerns, support the school, give ideas & suggestions, and to actively involve yourself in your children’s education.

What Governs a PAC?

The PAC must abide by its Constitution and Bylaws and by the School Act.

Who Can Be a Member of the PAC?

You are a member if your children are registered in the school. The PAC Executive is elected by PAC members who are in attendance at the AGM.

Why Become Involved in the PAC?

  • You have the opportunity to meet other parents
  • You can bring forth issues, suggestions or concerns relating to Grenfell
  • You can make a difference to your children’s lives by knowing what is happening with their education!

How Does our PAC Work?

The PAC’s elected executive members, along with the parent community, meet approximately once every 1-2 months with the Principal and staff of the school. Through these meetings, the PAC is able to gather and discuss issues of importance regarding their school, and provide in addition to these meetings, communication may also be done through newsletters, memos, telephone, email and via the Grenfell website.

In late spring, parents and guardians may put their names forward in consideration to be PAC executive members for the next school year. The new executive then work together starting in the fall.

PACs can have an important influence on life at the school, as well as the feelings the community has towards the school and education. Increased parent involvement with the school can only result in increased student achievement, accomplishment, satisfaction and bonding.

2023/2024 Grenfell PAC Executive

CO-CHAIRS - Patricia Santos, Julie Ali

SECRETARY - Caitlin Glass

TREASURER - Sarika Goyal

HOT LUNCH CO-ORDINATORS: Holly Zimmerman, Jasmine Sanchez

FUND RAISING CO-ORDINATORS: Patricia Sharma, Angela Chan

PAC email address: 

PAC Website

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