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Celebrating Education Week

Celebrating Education Week

Today marks the beginning of Education Week -  a pivotal time to acknowledge and celebrate the collective efforts of the thousands of dedicated employees who, here in VSB, serve more than 50,000 students from kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as adult learners.

We are united by a shared belief in the power of public education. Every person at VSB – trustees, educators, business support staff and operations teams – works diligently to ensure our schools are places where students are able to experience a deep sense of belonging and are free to pursue pathways of learning that are authentic to them. Vancouver Students are at the center of our work; they inspire us daily with their curiosity and resilience.

This week is an opportunity to honour the remarkable contributions of teachers, principals, vice-principals, school-based teams and  District staff as well as  partners and volunteers across the school district. Each person plays a crucial role in creating an environment where students can see themselves reflected in their schools and in their educational journeys to help them develop a love for learning.

Our goal is clear: every student on their learning journey with VSB should have a robust educational foundation and embody values that make us human - respect for others and our planet included.

A heartfelt thank you to all VSB staff who adapt tirelessly to meet the diverse needs of learners in Vancouver - in classrooms and online. Your dedication ensures every student has the best possible chance for success.

Beyond the classroom, we’re equally proud of our holistic approach to continuously improve our education system. Through collaborative efforts across departments, we ensure safe facilities, provide nutritious meals and foster cultural connections – working to ensure every family feels welcome in Vancouver’s schools.

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