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Digital Citizenship

Acceptable (Responsible) Use of Technology Policy


1.          I will keep my username and password to myself.

2.          I will be respectful of myself and others when using technology.

3.          I will not view, download, or upload anything that is illegal, inappropriate, or that may cause harm or distress to others.

4.          I will not take photographs or video of other students without their permission, nor will I post pictures of others without their permission.

5.          I understand that school systems and devices are primarily intended for educational purposes.

6.          I will respect others’ work and property and will not access, copy, remove or otherwise alter any other person's files or information without their knowledge and permission.

7.          I understand that if I use my personal devices at school, I will follow the rules set out by this Acceptable (Responsible) Use of Technology policy and my teacher’s instructions.

8.          I will immediately report any damage of devices or software, cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and other concerns to my teacher.

9.          I understand that I am responsible for my actions when using technology both inside and outside of school.

10.      I understand that the school will take appropriate action if I don’t follow the rules.

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