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Our Staff

S. McAlister
S. Ference
M. Malabuen
F. Leung

Office Administrative Assistant
Engineer (Daytime)
Engineer (Afternoon/Evening)

Enrolling Teachers                             
Div. 01     M. Manninen
Div. 02     H. Sose
Div. 03     S. Mah
Div. 04     M. Cavanagh
Div. 05     J. Hildebrand
Div. 06     M. Lopez
Div. 07     T. Wong
Div. 08     C. Latondresse/J. Lamarche
Div. 09     S. Wasserman
Div. 10     J. Renshaw/J. Lamarche
Div. 11     A. Angela
Div. 12K  T. Tran
Div. 13K  C. Lao/P. Chan

Non-Enrolling Teachers 
Resource                        R. Miller
Resource                        L.  Allan
Librarian/Resource         L. Pearson
Art Teacher                     J. Lamarche
Music Teacher                J. Nguyen
Indigenous Worker         J. Stirling
Area Counsellor             C. Yeung
Youth & Family Worker   J. Eayrs

Student Support Workers
C. Aldakhallah
A. Collard
K. Grewal
M. Hristova
S. Purewal
C. Tsang
C. Wong
J. Wong

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