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Library Monitors

* Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic - please note - We have temporarily suspended the student Library Monitor Program - but students can help in their Library Book Exchange times to tidy up the Library and help straighten up our book shelves!  Thank you for your kindness  in these difficult times!  We are asking everyone to wear a mask if possible in the Library and keep ourselves physically distanced.

Library Monitors are a very important part of how our Library stays interesting and current!

Library Monitors help keep our Library tidy and organized!

They suggest great books to read!  

They help you look up a book on our computer catalogue and then help you find it on the shelf!  

Experienced Library Monitors learn where all the books go on the shelves and carefully help put them away!

Speak to the Librarian if you would like to become a Library Monitor and provide service to our Library and our school community.  Library Monitors can sign up from each division to help their class during their visits to the library.  Parent volunteers are also welcome!

An executive team of student leaders from Gr. 7 provides student leadership for our Library Programs: the School Library Monitors (Library helpers for each division) and PlantTEAM@Champlain (a school food garden program of six food garden beds that are located outside the Library back door).  The Champlain PAC has provided a 2020 gift for a book collection to help guide and inspire the PlantTEAM@Champlain program, and supportive funding has also been received for this program from the VSB District Sustainability Committee and the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada.

Our 2019 - 20 Library Programs Executive Student Leaders were: 

Maria, Saydee and Vada.   Thank you to these students for their service and for providing student leadership to our school community!

The 2020 - 21 Library Programs Executive Student Leaders and Library Monitors will be selected in the Fall Term.

Make sure to ask our Library Programs Executive Student Leaders and our Library Monitors for book recommendations, help looking up books and topics in our online Library Catalogue and how you can help with our PlantTEAM@Champlain food garden project.

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