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Parent Advisory Council


PAC Meeting 
In Person - Library - Next Meeting Oct 24, 2022 - 600-700pm 

Fundraising Events:

Purdy's Chocolate

To order online:

  • go to this site
  • enter your email address, and click JOIN A CAMPAIGN (#57254 Chief Maquinna PAC))
  • when completing the registration form:
    • Under First Name, please enter your name
    • Under Last Name, please enter the Maquinna Student’s name & Division
  • When registration form is complete, click JOIN A CAMPAIGN (#57254)
  • click on SHOP ONLINE
    • if you know what you want to order, click on USE ONLINE ORDER FORM
    • if you want to see photos of items available, click USE MARKETPLACE
  • select the item and quantity you wish to purchase, then click ADD TO BAG
  • after you have added all your items, click VIEW BAG and confirm your order
  • check Select all, then click on PAY SELECTED ORDERS
  • enter credit card information, then click CONFIRM
  • please invite friends and family to help by asking them to follow the same steps above

    If you have any questions, please contact:


To donate to Chief Maquinna PAC, go to:
- under Fund Destination, select “E-Chief Maquinna PAC
- under Message to School Board, type: Maquinna PAC donation - 'Student Name-Div #'
- online donations $20 or more will qualify for a donation tax receipt

Chief Maquinna PAC is entirely volunteer-run and PAC members receive no monetary rewards for being members of the PAC.  All money raised by the PAC goes directly back into the school and is used to enrich the experience of all students at Chief Maquinna.


Chief Maquinna PAC Executive Team email:

Chairperson              -      Scott Kaminski
Secretary                    -      Josie Di'Nicola
Treasurer                    -      Ryan Theobald
Member-at-Large    -      Judy Stoyko

The Maquinna PAC is an amazing group of parent volunteers who go the distance in helping to support not just their own child's educational experience, but that of all students at Maquinna.  They fundraise and help support the school in accomplishing our goals for the year.  They further help to shape the vision and direction a school takes as well as they assist in providing special resources for classroom teachers.  The Maquinna PAC is a committed group of parents who are truly a valued and dedicated partner in their child(ren)'s education.  Any parent of a child at Maquinna is automatically a member of Maquinna PAC.  The Executive Committee is always looking for new members who are interested in becoming involved in the school.   

Why you should come to PAC meetings:

  1.   It is a great way to meet new friends.  Socialize with other parents and staff and
      feel connected to the school culture.
  2.   Learn new information that you may not normally have ready access to.
  3.   Let your voice be heard... have some input... share some ideas about schooling
      and the key issues at our school. The Pac has writes in the school act that allows us to be heard. We can also work with Vancouver DPAC on issues that are of concern to the school system in general. 
  4.   Enhance your child's educational experience.
  5.   Find out how you can become involved in helping or running school events.


  • Raised funds to build an intermediate playground which was completed in 2009.
  • Raised funds to build a primary playground which was completed in 2012.
  • Raised funds to purchase a large amount of new books for the school library in 2017.
  • Raised funds to purchased enough iPads in 2017-2018 to enable the school to have one set of iPads for the intermediate classes, one set for the primary classes, and enough for all the resource teachers to use for assisting students.
  • Raised funds to get a swing set installed in the summer of 2021. 

    Maquinna PAC provides a hot lunch school-wide fundraiser every Friday from October to June.
  • Maquinna PAC provides on-going funding to the school and sponsors numerous school events and programs.

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