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About Us

Welcome to Chief Maquinna Elementary School!

The main school entrance is just off of 2nd Ave. There are approximately 220 students enrolled in K-7 in the school.  Maquinna has a culturally diverse population.  There are over thirty languages spoken in the community, with the most predominant being English, Cantonese and Mandarin.  The majority of students come from homes where English is a second language.  Parents are formally involved in school planning through participation in the Parent Advisory Council (PAC).  The PAC consists of a dedicated group of parents who are committed to ensuring that their children receive a high quality educational program that is engaging and informative.  The parents of Maquinna schools are involved in the school programs and have participated as active partners on the learning team.  

School Highlights: 
Parents expect that the staff at Maquinna schools will provide high quality instruction to all students in every area of the curriculum. In addition, parents maintain that visual, performing and fine arts are important and a wonderful compliment to our strong athletic program.  The school program is enriched with many opportunities to observe and to perform music, dance, drama and art. Musical and dramatic productions such as Winter and other concerts give forums for our students to show off their talents! Personal Planning and Physical Education Programs add important dimensions to our curriculum. Intra and inter-mural sports activities encourage participation and enjoyment in physical activity. Noon hour clubs extend the school programs for many students. The school also provides extension activities with help from the PAC which have included a swimming program for Gr. 4, skating for the school, a Bollywood dance lesson series and many other activities that would not be possible without the help of PAC.
An enrichment program for the Sunrise Area which includes Maquinna schools is provided for students from Grades Three to Seven. Approximately twenty four students attend these sessions annually. 

As an integral part of our school philosophy, students and staff study and celebrate the cultural diversity of Canada's population. Included in our program is the recognition and celebration of special events and festivals, assembly presentations featuring the song, dance, literature and artwork of various cultures and mini units about important global issues.
Maquinna school has a resource team which include teaching staff, itinerant staff and administrators which provide special services and resources to meet the educational, emotional and health needs of all students. 
At Maquinna schools we stress the three "R's" - be respectful of yourself, of others, and of this place. 

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