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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Yes, students who are not currently attending in a VSB school are eligible to register for a Summer School once they have cleared the pre-approval process for non-VSB students. The pre-approval process involves submission of required documents to verify eligibility for provincial funding in order to attend a public school in BC. Proof of the following will be required: a) status in Canada, b) BC residency, and c) parent/legal guardianship. Non-VSB students can access the Summer School Pre-approval form by clicking into 'How to Register' page. Once the pre-approval process has been cleared, non-VSB students will receive a confirmation email indicating that they can register for Summer School courses. Registration for non-VSB students will begin on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

  • The 2022 VSB Summer Learning Program will be offering full face-to-face classes for 3-5 weeks in the summer. Students will be expected to physically attend classes regularly. If Public Health Order guidelines change, the delivery model may need to be adjusted to a fully remote or hybrid model. The Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) offers online classes. Students can sign up with VLN and start and complete Grade 10 – 12 courses at any time, according to the student’s pace and schedule.

  • Elementary students are limited to one Ministry funded course and one fee-based course. They must register in their current grade level. Grade 7 students may take up to two Grade 8 Preview courses at a Secondary Summer School site.

    Secondary students may take more than one Ministry funded course. 

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