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Additional Student Supports

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Social Emotional Learning is an area of focus in schools during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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We have learned so much about social emotional learning (SEL) and how it impacts the learning of children and adults over the years.   Programs such as Zones of Regulation, MindUp, and Second Step help children to identify their feelings, develop calm down and problem solving strategies.  A huge impetus for Dr. Bonnie Henry in sending students back to school has been the mental health of our students.   There are many resources that are available to support children as they cope with life with a global pandemic as the backdrop.  If your child is experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, your classroom teacher, the principal, the school counsellor and your family doctor are good starting points.  Learn about social emotional learning, mental health and ask for help or just to talk.  As the African proverb says - It takes a village to raise a child.

  • CASEL @caselorg  - The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning provides high quality evidence based social emotional learning resources.
  • Human Early Partnership The Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)  is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research network, based at the School of Population and Public Health at UBC.  Their vision is to have all children thriving in healthy societies.  Dr. Kim Schonert Reichl @kimshon, North America's top applied developmental psychologist and expert in SEL, UBC faculty, recently appointed NoVo Foundation endowed Chair of Social and Emotional Learning at the University of Illinois Chicago, regularly tweets helpful resources and opportunities for learning. 
  • The Mehrit Centre @Self_Reg features Dr. Stuart Shanker ( @StuartShanker )and information, resources and learning opportunities about self regulation.  The Centre also publishes a Self Reg Parent Magazine.  
  • Ruler @rulerapproach @YaleEmotion This evidence based approach to social emotional learning.  For more information go to Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.
  • Small Talk | Worries | CBC Kids via @YouTube 
    BC Children’s Hospital is studying the impact of COVID-19 on youth mental health. If you are 10-17 years old or a parent of a child 6-17 years old, learn more about how you can participate.
  • Supporting Children — By Supporting Practitioners and Families During COVID-19 and Beyond: Rapid Research Review on Effective Approaches for Reducing Childhood Anxiety report funded by The British Columbia (BC) Representative for Children and Youth, and supported by the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, Child and Youth Mental Health Policy Branch.
  • KidCareCanada Society has crafted thematically-based playlists of their videos. This includes 17 videos on the topic of "Anxiety, Stress, and Adversity"
  • Harvard University's Center on the Developing Child video "Stress and Resilience: How Toxic Stress Affects Us, and What We Can Do About It
  • FamilySmart invited counsellors and parents to create 3 new videos that talk about what it’s like, what we can do in the hard moments and how we can strengthen our relationship with our kids when those have passed. This month's video resource is on: When Anxiety Shows Up as Anger. It is honest, practical and hopeful. The upcoming videos will be: October – Parenting when our kids can’t go to school; and November – Social Isolation. You can also register to join FamilySmart online to watch the video and talk about it with other families. 
  • Psychology Foundation of Canada - "Every Mind Matters" Newsletter

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