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Possibilities Are Endless


Learning is not something that just happens at school. Read. Write a journal, poems, stories and letters. Measure 2 metres. Walk it. Gauge it with your eyes. Use a referent like a hockey stick to help you estimate the distance.  Keep that distance from people outside your immediate family when you go outside. Use your skills as a scientist to consider your familiar outdoor spaces in a new way. Bike. Run. Kick a ball. Find something to be grateful for everyday. Go to the Activities Page of this website for some ideas.

You could have a future as a reporter.  Your first job might be doing the daily weather report.  Collect the data using the DAILY WEATHER REPORT - Activity Sheet  Prepare a video no longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds by 10:30 am.  Send it to and Ms. Froese will select one report and post @LivingstoneVSB.  Be sure your parents have signed the media release form.  The Twitterfeed can be viewed on the website and perhaps by other news stations on Twitter! 

Daily Weather Report.docx


The creative salmon mounted on the fence of the school was part The Stream of Dreams project.  Follow this link for more information: 

Stream of Dreams YouTube Channel.  The first video features creative ways to grow seeds. 

 This channel is done in partnership with Wildcoast Ecological Society as part of our Fish & Flowers program that combines the classroom Fish on Fences program with outdoor environmental restoration activities around schools.

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