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Please find the following information from the City of Vancouver’s website regarding parking.  They will monitor traffic in the community to ensure that bylaws are being adhered to.  This ensures the safety of our students, your children.

In addition to the parking bylaws, we would like to remind you that the staff parking lot is not for drop off or pick up of students and is not a safe pedestrian walkway.

School Zones

As Vancouver's school population grows, so do the traffic and parking problems around schools.  For the safety of children, and to avoid traffic congestion, motorists dropping off or picking up students should pay attention to the following restrictions.

All the following rules are enforced under Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849. Vehicles parked in "No Parking" and "No Stopping" zones in a school area can be ticketed and towed under section 17.1 of the bylaw.

No Stopping

Section 3: Once your vehicle stops moving, it has stopped.

Section 17. 1: You cannot stop in a "No Stopping" zone for any reason and for any length of time.

No Stopping signs are used in bus, taxi, commercial, tour bus, rush hour, special event, police, accessible parking, and temporary zones.

  • Effective from 8:00am to 5: 00 pm on school days
  • For students to safely get in, and out of school
  • Zone must be clear of vehicles

No Parking

Section 3: If your vehicle stops, and is not loading or unloading passengers, it is parked, whether it is occupied or not.

Section 17.6A (a): You can stop in a No Parking zone for up to five minutes to load or unload passengers, or materials.

Exception: Section 17.6A (b): Motorists with a valid parking permit for people with disabilities - a SPARC placard - can use No Parking zones for up to 30 minutes for loading and unloading passengers, or materials.

  • Effective from 8:00am to 5:00pm on school days
  • For use by motorists dropping off and picking up students
  • Limit of 5 minutes  
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