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PAC Code of Ethics


A parent who accepts a position as a Council executive member, committee member, or representative 

·     upholds the constitution and bylaws, policies, and procedures of the electing body 

·     performs his or her duties with honesty and integrity and in the interests of the Council

·     works to ensure that the well-being of students is the primary focus of all decisions

·     respects the rights of all individuals

·     takes direction from the membership and executive

·     encourages and supports parents and students with individual concerns to act on their own behalf, and provides information on the process for taking concerns forward

·     works to ensure that issues are resolved through due process

·     strives to be informed and only passes on information that is reliable

·     respects all confidential information 

·     supports public education 

Statement of Understanding 

I, the undersigned, in accepting the position of _______________________ of the John Norquay Elementary School Parent Advisory Council have read, understood, and agreed to abide by this Code of Ethics.  I also agree to participate in the dispute resolution process that has been agreed to by the electing body, should there be any concerns about my work.

Name: ________________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

Date _______________________   Phone number ______________________


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