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1910 - 1919

John Norquay Elementary School
from "Historical Summary of John Norquay School - South Vancouver 1913 -1928" by John A. Clarke:
"During the years 1910-1912, the influx of people into South Vancouver was so great that it taxed the resources of the Board of School Trustees to provide accommodation for the pupils applying for admission. To relieve the older schools, now greatly overcrowded, new schools were built at strategic positions throughout the municipality. One of these new schools was the John Norquay School on Slocan Street and Euclid Avenue. 
The school is named after John Norquay, first premier of the province of Manitoba; but the identity of the person who suggested the name and the reasons for the choice are matters that are surrounded in oblivion."

1913-1914: enrollment 177

"The school, opened in August 1913 under the principalship of Mr. J. A. Hamilton previously in charge of Brock School, consisted of four divisions, a fifth division being added during the term."

By the 1919-1920 school year, the enrollment had risen to 344 students.


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