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December 2021 letter to families.pdf

Sexsmith October 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith September 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith Elementary Calendar 2021-22.pdf

Sexsmith June 2021 Newsletter.pdf

J. W. Sexsmith Elementary school fee letter 2021-22.pdf


Sexsmith April 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith March 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith February 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Peer conflict vs Bullying Final.pdf

Sexsmith January 2021 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith December 2020 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith October 2020 Newsletter.pdf

Code of Conduct - September 2020.pdf

Confirmation of Program Choice Parent Letter - Sept 1 (003).pdf

Sexsmith Summer 2020 Newsletter.pdf

2020 Notice of Late Return Form31.pdf

Sexsmith Elementary school fee letter 2020-21.pdf

Sexsmith June 2020 Newsletter.pdf

J. W. Sexsmith Elementary Calendar final 2020-21.pdf

Compact Calendar 2020-2021 rev.pdf

Mental Health Resources (Local Online).pdf

Letter to Sexsmith Families April 9, 2020.pdf

Sexsmith March 2020 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith February 2020 Newsletter.pdf

Nutrition Information for Parents 2020.pdf

December 2019 letter to families.pdf

Sexsmith December 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith November 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith October 2019 Newsletter.pdf

19_09Sep25_L toParents reClimate Action Strike.pdf

Sexsmith September 2019 Newsletter.pdf

J. W. Sexsmith Elementary school fee letter 2019.pdf

Sexsmith Summer 2019 Message.pdf

Sexsmith June 2019 Newsletter.pdf

J. W. Sexsmith Elementary Calendar 2019-20 FINAL.pdf

Sexsmith May 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith April 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Parent letter from Principal - final Sexsmith.pdf

Step-by-Step Registration .pdf

Welcome to School Cash Online - May 2017.pdf

Sexsmith March 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith February 2019 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith January 2019 Newsletter.pdf

December 2018 letter to families.pdf

Sexsmith December 2018 Newsletter.pdf

DPAC SOGI 123 Presentation.pdf

Elementary Calendar 2017-18 J W SEXSMITH.pdf

Elementary school-fees 2017-18 Sexsmith.pdf

Info Bulletin to Parents Sept 13 2016.pdf

J. W. Sexsmith Elementary Calendar 2018-19.pdf

June 2017 Newsletter.pdf

LETTER FOR PARENTS - MOE Parent Engagement.pdf

Letter Grades.pdf

March 2017 Newsletter.pdf

May 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Multi-Age Classes.pdf

October 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Parent Letter Curriculum Timeline.pdf

Safety Concern.pdf

December 2016 Newsletter.pdf



2016_17 grade 7 invitation poster.pdf

Appointed Official Trustee.pdf

April 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Combined Classes 2010.pdf

CSL presentation for parents Jan18.pdf

Sexsmith November 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith November 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith October 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith October 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith School Operation Calendar 2016-17.pdf

Sexsmith September 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith September 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith Stars Sept 2016 Newsletter.pdf

Snow Event Notification.pdf

Sexsmith April 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith December 2017 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith Elementary school fee letter 2018-19.pdf

Sexsmith February 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith January 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith June 2018 Newsletter.pdf

Sexsmith March 2018 Newsletter.pdf

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