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Digital Citizenship

Internet Safety  

At the beginning of the school year, students and parents are asked to sign an agreement regarding the Internet.  Please read the following summation.

Dear Parents/Guardians:  Sexsmith School offers students access to the Internet for research and communication related to the intended learning outcomes of the curriculum.  The school is responsible for guiding and monitoring students access to suitable educational resources.  Inappropriate material exists on the Internet and although protective measures have been taken at the school and district level, it is impossible for the school to control all possibilities.  The following rights and responsibilities outline our expectations for student online behaviour.

Rights:  Student users have the right to access selected educational network resources.  Student users have the right to access information that is free from hate propaganda, sexist homophobia, racist, pornographic and obscene content.

Responsibilities:  When accessing online learning resources all users will maintain the same standards of good taste as exists in their classroom and will abide by the Sexsmith Code of Conduct.  And that is:  To act respectfully to others - students will be polite and use appropriate language, students will refrain from making comments that would offend others.  Also:  To participate responsibly - students will refrain from accessing resources not selected or approved by their teachers, students will exit any inappropriate resources accidentally accessed; students will inform a teacher if inappropriate rersources are accidentally accessed.  Finally:  To behave safely - students will not reveal personal information (address, phone, bank or credit card numbers, etc.)

Internet Dangers: Strangers are coming into your home and your children are in danger!

The Internet is a great tool for research, entertainment, and communication.  However, there are risks.  Online, children are in danger from:
-  predators
-  viewing inappropriate material
-  cyberbullying -  privacy invasion

As parents, we believe that our children are safe at home.  However, in the past we have seen that sometimes parents find out too late that their child has been doing inappropriate things on the Internet.

Typically students in Grade 6 and 7 are using the internet to socialize.  Sometimes they are putting themselves in dangerous situations with strangers or are developing negative relationships with classmates.  It is possible for students to view explicit sexual images and engage in bullying through email and chat lines, such as MSN.

For these reasons, we have annual in class presentations for the Grade 6 and 7 students in our school.  If you have any concerns consult with your child's teacher.

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