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Junior/Senior girls & non-binary Volleyball practices are Monday/Wednesday at 8am @ Nelson

 Junior/Senior boys & non-binary Volleyball practices are Tuesday/Fridays at 8am @ Nelson

Thursday is open Gym for boys/girls/non-binary @ 8am.


Junior/Senior Volleyball zone games are from 3:25 to 4:45pm. Locations will be announced by the team coaches each week as the location changes from week to week.

 -Junior Girls & non-binary Volleyball games are Tuesdays 3:25 to 4:45pm

-Junior/Senior Boys & non-binary Volleyball games are Wednesdays 3:25 to 4:45pm

 -Senior girls & non-binary Volleyball games are Thursdays 3:25 to 4:45pm

Spectators: There is not enough room in the gym for spectators with all the volleyball teams in the zone playing in one gym together. The exception is parent drivers. Parent drivers can spectate from the courtside benches only. We appreciate help driving to away games. Please contact the office for a Volunteer Driver Form and ask to have your drivers license photocopied.

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