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Elementary School Basketball Championships

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elementary basketball

Playing sports and games helps advance students’ learning and development. In addition to developing skills of a particular discipline, sports and team games help improve self-esteem, social skills, teamwork and build connections. This year’s elementary school basketball season was a true testament to just that!

About 2,000 students participated in VSB elementary leagues this school year. The elementary school basketball program was a resounding success, with enthusiastic participation from students, players and volunteers across the District. 

VSB has four leagues: junior boys, junior girls, senior boys, and senior girls. All total, 167 teams took to the court this year. In addition to the regular leagues, VSB hosted two City Championship tournaments – one for senior boys and one for senior girls. 

The Maple Grove girls’ team captured the championship by a three-point margin in a tournament that saw 31 teams participate. In the boys’ tournament, 49 teams competed and Secord Elementary emerged victorious in another edge-of-your-seat match. While the competition was intense for these young athletes, all teams demonstrated outstanding fair play and spirit making championship memorable.

Teamwork and spirit extended beyond the court and were evident in all the behind-the-scenes work to make this year memorable for student players. It takes a lot of coordination and collaboration by many volunteers to ensure a season of success. This year’s championships were held at Windermere, Point Grey, Magee, Winston Churchill and John Oliver secondary schools, where the tournament’s organizers and athletic directors played vital roles off the court. VSB teachers also played a pivotal role. A special thank you to the following people for their commitment and efforts making this a memorable experience for student athletes and spectators!

  • Adrian Low - league coordinator
  • Curtis Lai - site coordinator
  • Barb Hinds - site coordinator
  • Chris Archer - site coordinator
  • Sarah Steele - site coordinator
  • Craig Thomas - site coordinator
  • Tim Dong - site coordinator
  • Brian Wong - site coordinator
  • Ken Costea - site coordinator
  • Tracy Powell - site coordinator
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