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Grade 7 to Grade 8 Transition process FAQ

Yearly in January, each of the elementary and secondary schools commence the transition process of Grade 7 students to Grade 8

Each student over the next week will bring home a registration package. Even if you have applied already for a mini-school program or cross-boundary, it is imperative you apply at your catchment secondary school. 

Please complete your forms and place them in the envelope provided.  Registration packages are due back to your teacher at Maple Grove by February 6,2023

Packages include:

1. Grade 8 Registration form for each student. 

2. Some schools have provided an information booklet and reference guide.


King George Secondary School Applicants - will need to provide in their envelope back to us - a) Legal proof of age documentation copy of  - birth certificate, passport or immigration documentation containing the student's full legal name and date of birth. b)Proof of Address documentation, a copy of - a recent property tax statement or purchase agreement for homeowners, or a current rental agreement for renters. 

Point Grey Secondary School Applicants - will need proof of address form, proof of Canadian Citizenship, Proof of Guardianship or Custody Papers if child DOES NOT reside with parents, copy of most recent report card,  as stated on the top of the registration form from Point Grey. 

Some things to please keep in mind when completing your packages:

1. Elective options - families should have discussions with your children about their course selections.

2. Secondary Handbook- review these handbooks with your children to help with course selection. 

3. Signing the AUT (Acceptable Use of Technology) form with their children and ensuring children understand what they are signing (for those who were provided with this by the secondary school). 

If deadline for forms is missed, the secondary school will determine how to proceed with your family directly. 


Additional application forms can be found on our Registration Pages  of the Churchill website:  

Grade 7 parent information meeting is on Tuesday, Jan 17, 7pm in the Auditorium.


Additional information about Magee can be found on the Magee website:

Grade 7 parent information meeting is on Wednesday, April 26th.


Additional information about King George can be found on the King George:


Additional application forms can be found on our Point Grey website >Main Page>Announcements

Grade 7 parent information meeting is on Wednesday, January 25th at 7pm.




Grade 7 parent information meeting is on Wednesday, Jan 18, 5pm in the School Theatre.

Cross Boundary Applications - For families who wish to apply cross-boundary, please visit VSB - application timeline opens February 2023.

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