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School History

Prepared by Ms Sellars; (Source of information – 75th Anniversary Brochure; conversations with community) and edited by V.Carrière for update (2022)

1912: no schools in East part of Kerrisdale. Children attended “Eburne Superior School” at 67th Avenue and Cartier

Ungraded class met at 47th Ave and East Boulevard

May 1912: Point Grey School Board awarded contract for 8 room steel and concrete school corner of Magee Road and Cypress

1914: School opened with 31 High School Students later joined by elementary school students. Upper floor school was called Kind George V. The Public School Students were Magee Public School, Mr. Hugh McDonald (principal) and Miss Jessie McDonald (teacher)

WWI: 1918: more people moved to Kerrisdale. A two room bungalow was built at 46th and Maple Street. Mr. William McDonagh was principal.

1924: New school built at North end of grounds called Maple Grove. High School was called Magee.

1925 (Jan): New school opened with 13 Divisions

1925: Sept. Mr. Oliver Lacey became principal.

1926: 11 additional classrooms were added.

1928: Point Grey High School Opened. Student in grade 7 and 8 went there.

1929: Point Grey municipality amalgamated with Vancouver and administered under Vancouver School Board

1939-1949: Platoon system organized by Mr. Lacey for Grade 3 and up. Home room teachers taught the 3 Rs. Other classes were taught in special rooms. Two rooms (now 206 and 208) were made into a small auditorium and a classroom was fitted for visual education.

1939-1945: decrease in enrollment.

June 1945: Enrollment 511

1940: by this date Maple Grove had an annex which became Sir William Osler School in 1954

1953: Enrollment 982. Four large classrooms, staffroom a lunch room and an auditorium/gymnasium were built at North end of the school.

1957: 4 Kindergarten classes at Maple Grove

1949 – 1966: Mr. Walter Hardwick principal

1963: Demolition of older homes in neighbourhood provided room for expansion of Magee Rugby Field and a track and field facility

1964: Grade 7 students stayed at Maple Grove and Grade 8 students went to Magee instead of Point Grey

1969: Library constructed

1972: Upper floor 4 large classrooms converted to an open area.

1983: Office complex expanded and remodeled.

1980’s and 1990’s: School population fluctuated with demographic changes.

1994: 5 district English as Second Language classes. School enrollment 540

1999: School enrollment 399

1995-1990: School Mission Statement Developed and school motto “A Community of Learners”

Mission Statement: Maple Grove fosters excellence, lifelong learning, innovation and a positive sense of well-being in a community based on mutual respect”

2003: Full heating and ventilation system upgrade

2004: Montessori program opened with one Kindergarten and one Grade 1 class.

School Enrollment 410

2010: Montessori Program Complete with enrollment of first Grade 7 class

2015: Maple Grove completes the PDR phase of seismic upgrading

2016: Ministry of Education announces $24.4 million new seismic project.  The Computer Lab is turned into a classroom; Open Area now used as classroom space.  Maple Grove becomes 22 divisions.

March 2020: Covid-19 Pandemic. Move to online learning.

2020-2021: The Covid-19 Pandemic continues. Many Maple Grove students continue with online learning, while the majority comes back to in-school instruction. 

End of 2020: Opening of and move to the new Maple Grove building at 1924 45th Avenue, Vancouver.

January 2021: The old Maple Grove building is now being used as a swing site for other schools undergoing seismic upgrades. The first school to move there is Edith Cavell. 

2021-2022: The Covid-19 Pandemic continues, but all students are to return for in-school instruction. 


1913-1920     – Mr. Hugh McDonald

1920 – 1925   – Mr. William McDonagh

1925 – 1949   – Mr. Oliver Lacey

1949 – 1966   – Mr. Walter Hardwick

1966 – 1968   – Mr. Walter McGown

1968 – 1973   – Mr. Robert Poole

1973 – 1978 – Mr. Rae Bates

1978 – 1984 – Mr. Reno Stradiotto

1984 – 1986 – Mr. Alistaire Fraser

1986 – 1988 – Mr. Al Garneau

1989 – 1994 – Mr. Mark Procter

1994 – 2000 – Dr. Floriana Albi

2000 – 2002 – Ms. Cathy Gruneland

2002 – 2004 – Mrs. Bev Price

2004 – 2009 – Dr. Eileen Phillips

2009 (Jan) – 2015 – Ms. Stephanie Sellars

2015 – present      – Mr. Peter Evans

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