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About Us

Renfrew Elementary School is an old and well-respected school that has been a part of the Renfrew Collingwood neighbourhood for approximately 83 years. Many of the local residents attended Renfrew as young children and their children or grandchildren now attend our school. It has a majestic view from the top of Rupert hill across to the North Shore mountains. The enrollment of the school is just over 400 students. 

In addition to Canadian-born students, we are fortunate to have students from throughout the world. The many ethnic groups and cultures that are part of the Renfrew School community include Chinese, British, Vietnamese, Filipino, Italian, Greek, First Nations, Indo Canadian, Croatian and Russian. The school has a multicultural population with numerous different first languages represented. For approximately half of our students, English is not their first language. Although our parents are very supportive of the school, the language barrier causes some difficulty in communication. We are striving to have our PAC become fully representative of our parent population. Renfrew is part of the Windermere Family of Schools. After school programs are provided at Renfrew by Windermere High School Leadership students. A Chinese language program is also offered after school. An Adult Learning VSB English Program is also offered weekly. Renfrew has special needs students within our regular classrooms and has two District Special Needs classrooms. 

Our Primary Special Remedial class enrolls 10 students with behavioural challenges. These students are very much a part of Renfrew School and many are integrated for some of their classes. 

Renfrew teachers and staff are dedicated to meeting students’ needs; academically, emotionally and socially. In addition to the classroom teachers, Renfrew resource teachers support the needs of our ESL students, our students with special needs and provide extra academic support to students struggling in a specific area. The SSSWs (School and Student Support Workers) provide extra support with Ministry designated students. We work to focus on our students who, although not Ministry designated as ESL or Special Needs, require extra support. Renfrew offers an extensive music program from Grade 1 to Grade 7, which includes music instruction and both an Intermediate and Primary Choir. There are many team sports, school wide activities, intra-mural sports, clubs, and outdoor recreational programs at every grade level. In addition, Renfrew offers an extensive leadership program for the Grade 6 & 7

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