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School Policies and Procedures

School Bell Time Schedule and Supervision:

8:40 - 8:55am           - Outside Supervision

8:55am                     - Warning Bell

9:00am                     - School Begins

10:40am - 11:00am  - Recess

11:00am - 12:10pm  - School in Session

12:10pm - 12:57pm  - Lunch/Outdoor Play

12:57pm - 3:03pm    - School in Session

3:03pm - 3:20pm      - Outside Supervision


All visitors are asked to report to the school office to Sign In and obtain a visitor’s badge to remain in the building.

If your child is leaving the school early or at lunch, please sign them out and back in at the office.

School Closures

All schools in the Vancouver School District will remain OPEN if at all possible during winter weather, including snowfalls. Any district-wide closure will be decided by 7:00 a.m. at the latest and will be announced through the media channels as well as through the VSB websites Please note that no announcement will be made stating that schools are open. Only closures and delayed openings will be announced. Please do not call the school for information.

Lost and Found

Our general rule is not to bring anything to school that would make you sad if it was lost, broken or stolen. If something is lost please check our Lost and Found bins in the Main hall. All items remaining in the bins at the end of the term are sent to a local charity. To avoid this, please remember to put your child’s name on everything they bring/ wear to school.

Consequences Related to Student Discipline

Any student who violates School Board Policy, Mackenzie Code Of Conduct, or School Rules will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include:

  1. A meeting with an Administrator/Counsellor/Teacher
  2. Notification and/or meeting with parents/guardians
  3. In-school suspension;
  4. Community service and learning opportunities (Restorative Justice)
  5. Referral to counselling or outside agency program
  6. Suspension from school
  7. In some cases, violation of school or district policies may also be a violation of the criminal code and result in a police investigation. Wherever possible and appropriate, focus is on consequences that are based on learning and are restorative rather than punitive.
  8. Suspensions

In accordance with the School Act, Section 85(2)(ii) and (d), the Board authorizes the Principal or designate of any school in the district, to suspend a student from attendance at school for up to five days. Suspensions may be for the following reasons:

- Because the student is willfully and repeatedly disrespectful to a teacher or to any other employee of the Board carrying out responsibilities approved by the Board.

- Because the behaviour of the student breaches the District Code of Conduct* or policy and /or has a harmful effect on others or their learning.

- Because the student behavior breaches Mackenzie's Code of Conduct.

There is often some confusion about the difference between Peer Conflict and Bullying. Please read the VSB's attached link Peer Conflict Vs. Bullying to help provide clarification.

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