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About Us

Sir Richard McBride Elementary is a kindergarten to grade 7 school of approximately 350 students located in a diverse community on the east side of Vancouver. Many students are first or second generation Canadians with approximately 30% receiving support for English language development. The foundation of the school is a highly dedicated staff, caring and committed parents, and a student population that is socially responsible and focused on success for all students. The school maintains a strong focus on academics, sports and arts programs, which includes music education, primary and intermediate choirs, and winter and spring concerts.

The students of McBride Elementary receive a firm grounding in academics. Significant effort is directed toward learning a comprehensive set of core academic skills that can be applied to critical thinking activities and project based learning. With unprecedented access to digital learning technologies, the staff and students are exploring a variety of ways of supporting learning with technology. This includes developing critical thinking skills, academic skills and project based learning. Our three year school goal is to utilize technology to enhance learning across curricular areas and support individual learning.

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