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Approaches to Learning

Students work towards acquiring and applying skills in five broad categories.  These skills are taught, practiced, and mastered in context, during units of inquiry, as well as during stand-alone activities.

Thinking Skills

critical thinking skills: analysis, evaluation, forming decisions

creative thinking skills: generating new ideas, considering new perspectives

transfer / application skills: application, application in multiple contexts

reflection: reflection, metacognition

Social Skills

interpersonal skills: respecting others, supporting others, social intelligences, resolving conflict

intrapersonal skills: self control, emotional intelligence

Communication Skills

exchanging information: listening, interpreting, speaking

literacy: reading, writing

ICT: viewing, presenting, informed choices

Research Skills

information literacy skills: formulating and planning, gathering and recording, synthesizing and interpreting, evaluating and communicating

media-literacy skills: consuming and processing, considering online perspectives, creating

ethical use of media / information: ethical use, reliability of sources

Self-Management Skills

organization: managing self, time management, goal setting

states of mind: mindfulness, perseverance, emotional management, self motivation, resilience

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