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Strong Start

Tillicum StrongStart shares our space in Room 107 at Tillicum Community Annex and can be entered from the courtyard between Tillicum Community Annex and Kiwassa Community Centre.  The hours of operation are 12:30-2:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

The facilitator for Tillicum StrongStart is Maribel Martinez.  She can be contacted by email at .  Please email her if you have questions or require more information about StrongStart.

Strong Start offers preschool aged children ages zero - five, quality learning experiences.  The center provides a welcoming space for families and care givers to connect and interact with others.  Children have access to a rich, high-quality learning environment.  Adults who accompany them learn new ways to support learning both in the home and during the program.  Qualified early childhood educators lead learning activities, including stories, music and art to help children get ready for success in kindergarten.

There is no cost to families.


Please bring the following documentation to register on your first day.

Proof of Child's Birthdate (i.e. Canadian Birth Certificate)

Proof of Residency (i.e. BC Driver's License, showing parent's name)

More Information

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