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Trafalgar School offers quality instruction in both French Immersion and the regular English program. As all of our French Immersion and many of our English track students are being educated in a second language, the teachers use strategies that specifically address the needs of second-language learners. The teachers enjoy the support of parents in ensuring our students reach their potential.

The combination of English and French Immersion tracks provides for a rich multi-cultural student body which is noted for its welcoming attitude, academic achievement and excellent behaviour.

While specific events are targeted for learners in each program, all extra-curricular activities include children from both the French Immersion and English programs. The Care Team, composed of self-elected representatives from the intermediate class, provides leadership in social responsibility by undertaking school projects and fund raising for charity.

The support staff at the school provides additional assistance anywhere from 2-4 periods per week to all students in the school at the primary level and at the intermediate level in the English program. During this time students are grouped according to their instructional level in reading and engage in literacy activities at that specific level. This has had the effect of helping all students at either end of the learning spectrum. Students experiencing significant difficulties are given help over and above this in either the Learning Assistance program or through the ESL program.

The school boasts a computer lab, relevant educational software and Internet access. Each class is scheduled for two-forty minute periods per week of computer instruction. The Library Resource Centre is also Internet-linked and contains an English and French collection which has been recently upgraded through a generous donation from the Parent Advisory Council. Parent resources are also available in Chinese and Japanese.

Students are privileged to go on a number of field trips each year to complement their classroom learning. The most notable ones are a trip to Quebec for the Grade 6 and 7 students in French Immersion, camp for all Grade 6 students, the ski program for grades 4 and 5 students, and camp for Grade 2-3 students.

The arts are highly valued at Trafalgar. Students receive regular classroom instruction and are encouraged to participate in the school's band. Professional artists perform at the school on a regular basis and this program is funded also by the Parent Advisory Council.

The school community recently completed rebuilding and extending the adventure playground at the school

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