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Student Leadership and Community Service

At the beginning of the school year, Grades 4 to 7 students are presented with service and leadership opportunities for which they can volunteer. The list of some of the offerings is listed below. Community and neighbourhood volunteering is also encouraged. Each intermediate grade student is encouraged to complete the following amount of service hours. At the end of the year we hold an Assembly to recognize the students.

Grade 4: 10 hours Grade 5: 10 hours 

Grade 6: 12 hours Grade 7: 15 hours

The following are some of the leadership opportunities provided at Tyee:

  • Student Council
  • Assembly Set-up and Clean-up
  • Office/Phone Monitors
  • Library Monitors
  • Public Announcers
  • Playground Equipment Monitors
  • Rainy Day Games
  • Peer Helpers
  • Youth Credit Union Tellers and Board of Directors
  • Info Tech Team

Student Council

The Student Council is elected in September. Student Council meets to discuss and plan social events for students and deal with student issues and requests that are raised in classes and brought to the council by class representatives. 

Library – Resource Centre

Our library houses a collection of learning resources. It includes fiction, non-fiction, print and non-print. Children use the library to develop research skills and to help nurture the love of reading. For information access, we have computers with on-line capabilities. Using the centre’s multiple resources, the classroom teacher and teacher-librarian plan together to develop learner-focused curriculum that considers individual student interests, abilities and learning styles.

The library is staffed by Chris Evans (Monday to Wednesday). It is usually open at lunch with the support of parent volunteers. (At the start of each year, a volunteer sign up sheet is posted in the hallway for those who are interested in helping.) All children are trained to sign out their own books on the computer system. Please help us by ensuring that books are returned on time. For more details on lost/damaged books, or how to donate, please speak with Mrs. Evans.

During class time, the library is accessible to individuals and small groups. In addition, class visits to the library are planned cooperatively by the teacher-librarian and the individual classroom teacher. Each class has the opportunity to visit weekly. 

We encourage families to read together on a regular basis. Have your child read to you, and share in their enjoyment as they learn!

French as a Second Language (FSL)

French as a second language is currently taught to Grades 5 to 7 students. The emphasis of the program is to provide opportunities for the learners to develop an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, to learn basic French, and to gain confidence in his/her own abilities as a learner and as a user of the French language. 


Intermediate classrooms at Tyee have pods of computers with internet access. Students are required to sign an “Acceptable Use Agreement” each school year. 


The Grades 6 and 7 students have the choice to participate in Band twice a week with Mr. Mathewson. 

Talent / Variety Show

Tyee hosts a Talent / Variety Show yearly or bi-yearly. Students of all ages may audition and perform. Students (and sometimes even teachers!) plan songs, dances, skits, instrumental pieces, acrobatics, etc. Other children operate the lights, sound, and act as stagehands.

Field Trips

Field trips are a means of enhancing the program offered in the classroom. Prior to any field trip, parents are notified in writing of the details of the planned trip. Before students are permitted to take part in a field trip, they must have written consent from the parent or guardian. Volunteer drivers are also required to fill out a “Third Party Liability” form for insurance purposes, and to keep the original copy in their vehicle.

Parents are generally asked to subsidize field trip expenses. However, the VBE policy ensures that no student will miss the opportunity to take part in a field trip for financial reasons.

Outdoor Education

Every third year, all primary classes participate in a camping experience. Students are prepared before they leave and are instructed at the outdoor school by their own teachers and camp staff. A fee is charged for the programs. Those students not participating in the outdoor school experience attend school as usual (they are accommodated in another classroom), or parents may elect for their child to stay home.

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